New Bangkok Boxing Stadium

Songchai jr just sent out the press release for the new stadium. I've
known songchai jr for some time and I think this is going to do alot of
good for those who want to train and eventually fight in Thailand.
Hopefully I will be in Bangkok for the opening::

"Songchai Jr." Mr.Siraphop Ratanasuban repeated that The Bangkok
Boxing Stadium, the new choice of  both Thai and foreign boxing fans
will be opened exactly on October 28, 2006.  Any Saturday events
broadcasted by Channel 11 National TV and lauching with "Mitsubishi
Muaythai Tournament" but women boxing will have competitions in
every Saturday since beginning of Novembr 2006 that broadcasted by
UBC Cable TV.  The schools and colleges students in uniform are
allowed to see the matches withour charge if thier schools or collges
inform stadium administrators about 2 - 3 weeks before visiting, for
the readiness of place arrangment.

The Bangkok Boxing stadium and Onesongchai Institute of Muaythai
that invested for millions baht located at 100 Tiamruammitr Road,
Huaykwnag Bangkok, administered by new wave generations,
Mr.Siraphop and Miss Pariyakorn Ratanasuban.  This venue will be
location of Muaythai-boxing stadium , Muaythai institution, Muaythai
meseum, Astrology, massage, outlet that buy boxing equipments and
relavant products.

Firstly the grand opening of this venue is Sat 28 of October will be
the official opening with superior event "Millions Baht Mitsubishi Triton
Muaythai Tournament" broadcasted by Channel 11  about 2 - 4 PM
every Saturday.

"Firstly we planned to open on October 7 but the said day is
Buddish Ending Lent day, for avoiding religious problems so we change
to  October 28 with "Mitsubishi Triton Millions Baht Muaythai
Tournament".  but Onesongchai 11 Muaythai tournament will be
happened on Saturday 7 as regularly" Mr.Siraphop said.
    and he said that for the wearing uniform schools - colleges
students, he very pleased to allow them to see the matches by free of
charge.  For any schools, colleges that require to visit the venue please
inform Onesongchai team about 1-2 weeks before visiting, because his
team can arrange place for these audiences.

In case of Women Muaythai - Boxing, there are matches on any
Saturday by "Nong Oh" Miss Pariyakorn Ratanasuban confirmed that
the women matches will be broadcasted by UBC Cable TV.  And she
annouces to Women boxers countrywide that she have arranged ring
for regular competitions about 8 - 9 matches per week.