NEW BJJ Classes in Columbus, OH!!!

International Martial Arts Academy of Columbus (IMA) is the newest affiliate of Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel!

Starting Tuesday April 6th, Dustin Ware (Purple Belt under Jorge Gurgel) will be teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu twice a week. We are very excited about this partnership, as IMA has already established it's self as a premier Muay Thai School! The addition of a BJJ program will only make IMA one of the most well rounded Martial Arts School in Central Ohio!

The classes will be taught on Tuesday & Thursdays. For more information about these classes, please visit our website:


or contact:



Dustin Ware (

614-921-0624 (Home)

614-288-0398 (Cell)


Muay Thai

Mike Gross (

Thanks for your time & I hope to see you on the mat!

Congrats. TTT 4 OG JG


First class went great, as we had 15 students!

I am very excited about the possibilities for this school. We already have Jorge Gurgel scheduled to come in on May 15th & 16th to do both a BJJ & MMA Group Seminar & Private Sessions. I will post info. about those in the next few days!

Dustin Ware

Dustin - excellent news. I wish you luck with your new students!

Thanks Guys!!!

ttt for a good promoter and coach


Thanks! Tell Mike Congrats on the new title!

So when do you plan on getting back into the ring? It would be an honor to have the guys from Master Lloyds on one of my shows!

Keep up the traing, and I am sure we will be in touch. Thanks again for the supportive words!

Dustin Ware

Will do gz--I hope to be fighting by this summer. My life has been a whirlwind of 2 children in 2 years so it has been hard. It looks like we are gonna stay put with 2 kids here for the next couple of years, so its on come summer. Thanks for the offer.


No problem Brett!!

Talk to you soon,


that dustin guy is a real badass!

Any chance of combining the BJJ and MT?

your guys are really startin to branch out.


I will be up your way in May for NAGA!!! I fly in on Friday May 21st. I sure could use a ride from the airport (hint, hint).

Serioously, we have about 10 guys coming from our team. I cant wait...






Please explain? You can take both of the classes, as they are offered on different nights. Email me if you have any other questions.



We are just trying to do things right. We had a plan a few years ago. And had it not been for my very good friend, Jorge Gurgel, none of this would even be real right now!

I have even hear that Jorge's team "might" have another branch soon, but I don't know the details. We are just trying to establish Jorge Gurgel Jiu-Jitsu as a Strong Team..not only in the Midwest, but nationally.

Again, thank for the TTT's and the supportive words! It means alot!

Dustin Ware



good luck

Joe Hall,

What have you been up to? School keeping you busy?



dustin, were will you be staying? are you flying into
o'hare or midway? i live less the 4 miles from o'hare
and i will get you a ride no problem!!!

let me know! see you soon.

chris dranka