New Book about Raul Llopis

  Those of you may know or remember KMAC "Kourtney McCartney", she wrote this new book about her husband Raul, on his life & kickboxing/boxing career. Dude survived the boatride and Internment camp. After that, Fighting was easy I guess.

I've trained with Raul Llopis here in the midwest and reffed & judged some of his fights too. Tenacious is a word that best resembles this MoFo for sure.  I can still hear him yelling in his Cuban accent, "Yab, Yab, Yab, Oppercutt".


Trained with Raul at both family kickboxing with manny, and young tigers with el tigre in Miami, great funny guy, a life champion. All of them actually

Oh my God! It's my favorite referee!
How are you??? I hope you enjoyed my little story - it was a gift for Raul's B-day. It all started because I always thought that Raul should provide new students with a "Guide to Speaking Raul" since, well you know, it can get confusing...

You know, I'm officially Llopis, right? So now, everyone down here calls me Korney (the Hispanics who can't pronounce my first name) Lopez (the Gringos who can't pronounce my last name). :-)

 Hey there Korny, wsup? Hows Miami? Raul confusing? Yeah it looks like a good book, was it a fun experence?

Me I'm good, headed back to Ft Bragg next week, and then up to Manteno for Peter F. and then mid-month we got another Fighters Camp in Peoria (actually Morton, Ryan moved) and thats a month before the TBA Tournament in Des Moines.

So yeah I'm a little busy.