new Boxing for MMA DVD set!

Boxing for MMA with Brian Walsh
For the first time ever SBGi competition team boxing coach Brian Walsh brings his unique, innovative, and incredibly effective stand up training methods to the public at large. Find out for yourself why so many MMA fighters are turning to Brian's creative drilling techniques in order to develop high level striking in an MMA environment.


This series starts by focusing on how to bridge the gap between technical boxing and the MMA game. Brian works with athletes of varying skill levels: from the veteran MMA cage fighter to an athlete attending their very first stand-up fighting class, in order to show you how to bring your own game up, regardless of where you are at now in terms of ability. Brian also shows you how to make stand up drills alive, and how to modify them on the real-time performance results of the athletes. Brian's focus is on movement and power. To quote Brian "great striking is about lay ups, not free throws". Learn why Matt Thornton calls Brian Walsh "The most creative stand up coach I have ever met."        


DVD 1: Boxing for MMA: Stand-Up Fundamentals. Proper stance, the importance of posture, how to wrap the hands properly, functional boxing warmup exercises, how to generating extreme power in your punches, different agility drills to develop reaction time, proper use of angles and positioning, and various creative drills for developing all of the above.   run time =   65 minutes

DVD 5: Boxing for MMA: MMA Kicking Offense.  Brian Walsh and SBGi Coach Eric Hemphill demonstrate many MMA kicking drills, as well as everything you need for kicking offense fundamentals.  run time = 60 minutes

run time = 70 minutes

DVD 2: Boxing for MMA: The lead hand.  The fundamentals of the jab, jab agility and footwork drills, use of the lead hand for both offense and defense, jab drills and sparring drills galore, the use of the jab for MMA: bridging boxing to MMA, using the lead hand out of the clinch, countering the jab in MMA, using kicks with the jab.          run time = 80 minutes

DVD 3: Boxing for MMA: The rear hand, power and combos. Mechanics of the power cross, recovery when you miss, offense, defense, and counterpunching. Using the lead hook to the body, using your punching to counter kicks. Tons of drills.   run time =  70 minutes

DVD 4: Boxing for MMA: MMA striking in stand up, clinch & ground. The art of level changing, slipping and agility drills, boxing to clinch/takedown drills, striking defense against necktie drills, taking the back drills. Fundamentals of striking from top position ground drills: Guard, Half-guard, and Mount.   

Price: 1 to 4 DVDs: $45.00 each. Buy all of them at the package price of $159.00

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This looks great, I was hoping Brian would bring something out, as I hear great things about him.

Regards Richard

  Now available for purchase in our e store.

Hi Matt,

How long should should shipping take to Toronto. I ordered Jan 31?


Shoot us an e-mail at and we can track your order for you. Orders that are not done via paypal are not charged until the day before they ship.

Thanks Matt. I'm really looking forward to this set.

 Did this set go from 5 dvd's to 3?

yeah, what Bull said.

Yes, the set was condensed down to Brian's core teaching method for stand up.

Hi Matt! Long time fan here.

I've noticed that you and other SBGi coaches take pride in your strong boxing base. What made you choose boxing over other forms of striking(like kickboxing or muay thai)? How do you guys tie boxing in with the rest of your MMA game plan(clinch range and ground). What advantages do you believe boxing presents to the MMA competitor compared to all of the other forms of striking?

 Our base in Portland has always been boxing. Regarding Brian's coaching versus Rodney or anyone else, the thing with Brian is that he has spent a lifetime around Pro/Am boxing gyms, and he has absorbed a lot of wisdom from those corner men and trainers. That information is priceless, and can't be circumvented by any "system". So enough said on that.

Regards boxing versus Muay Thai (and that really is the main choice), the first thing to note is that not all SBGi's work more boxing then they do Muay Thai. Steve Whittier's gym Nexus (East Coast SBGi) has a strong Muay Thai base. For us in Portland it's been boxing. Secondly, regards MMA, if the athlete can't throw strong hands yet, then adding kicks in an MMA perspective almost never leads to good things. 

In terms of Brian's approach, and our approach in Portland as it relates to MMA, the emphasis is on movements. It's 90% movement, 10% striking. We want our athletes to move, hit, move again. For most fighters trading blows with 4oz gloves isn't a gameplan, it's a roll of the dice. And that is true regardless of your system.

I agree with Matt 100%.

The last few years we have been focusing on a game plan called: Move - Attack - Finish.

The finish part usually being - move out on an angle, turning the opp, a takedown, power kick, or drive into the clinch.

This focus has really started paying off for my young fighters.

That and a strong focus on my righty/tighty - Lefty/loosey circling game. : )


Adam Singer - That and a strong focus on my righty/tighty - Lefty/loosey circling game. : )

I'm always dumbfounded when I watch MMA fights and see fighters circling into their opponent's right hand.. WTF?