New Brown Belt - Latham, NY

Congratulations Bruno, upstates New Yorks newest Renzo Gracie Brown Belt!!!

You deserve it my friend.

Chad, Bob & Eddie...

Spa City Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu



next stop...Black Belt City, baby! Congrats.

Bruno Tostes?


Here's a pic if a blue namer can help me out.....


congrats bruno!



Thanks for the help with the pic guys!

If anyone in the Albany, NY area is looking for a place to train, info about Bruno's school can be found at:

More pics from Bruno's promotion......
(thanks again in advance for the help posting them)

<img src=

I'm gonna be in Albany around May 18th to 25th or so. Do you guys have open mats etc. where scrubs are allowed? What's the number and address. Meow Mix might even give it a try.

Cycklops - all I'm seeing is red x's?

To answer your question, the regular schedule has classes: Tues, Thurs and Fri- mornings at 8:00 AM and evenings at 7:30 PM,and Sat at Noon.

Call Bruno at (518)488-7666 with any questions about dropping in. The address and additional info can be found at:


thanks. I can't control the red X's. The pictures must've been taken down?

Ok - thanks anyway.

Hope you can make it in to train with us when you are in town.

TTT Congrats