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i'm undecided about the new forum. my concern is that restricting some threads from "mudnamers", who make up the majority of this forum, may lead to a mass exodus to other less restrictive sites. there are plenty of options out there. has always been, in my opinion the best. however, the feeling of being ostricized could lead me to look at other options.

i am guessing the income generated from the ads surpasses that of the pro memberships. if the membership here declines, how many of the advertisers stick around?

i agree there should be added benefits for "pro" members. perhaps access to the pro forums and "tap out" forum. however, not allowing us "mudnamers" to post on certain topics is a little ostracizing and insulting. certainly our input into the forum extends beyond a 20$ donation.

I agree. BTW, it costs $30 for a bluename..

anyone else?

pocotouro, I know of no other forum that accommodates it's users the way this one does, as far as trying to please so many fans.

 Wasn't the pro forum always off limits to the black name member? There is no change if you think about it, the thread doesn't open, it's a pro thread, just mixed in with regular threads right?

But I also think you're input is very valuable, name color doesn't change that fact!

thanks momita, good points. i believe there should be a pro ground for paying members. however, i think mixing the threads is not only annoying (because i try to open the thing only to be denied) but kind of a slap in the face and unneccesary to boot.

this forum is in deed great. i think there is plenty of incentive for members to "go pro". i'm just concerned that some of the black listing maybe going a bit too far. i would hate to see this forum lose any of its valued members.

The only locked threads I know of are by pro
fighters (they can change it, too). I did that because
trolls were purposelfully making offensive posts. I
didn't know what else to do?

I agree with the guy... Certain things like the search engine, and things like that should be available to all including mud namers. You cant ass em out of everything, cuz most likely they'll leave... and as much as trolls there are, and idiot mudnamers there are in here, the more there are, the bigger this sport gets... Eventually they will learn, and behave, but u shouldnt ass em out of everything to make a buck.

"i'm undecided about the new forum. my concern is that restricting some threads from "mudnamers", who make up the majority of this forum, may lead to a mass exodus to other less restrictive sites. "

It would be their loss, this forum is number 1. If people want the best they will still come here.

The first Hilton hotel was a low cost budget hotel. When they decided to go upmarket many customers said there would be a mass exodus to Motel 6. It really didnt hurt the Hilton Hotel chain though. A business needs to analyse its market and decide exactly where they want to fit in with the needs of the consumer.
I believe that are positioning themself to remain the number 1 undisputed internet heavyweight champion of MMA forums.

I won't create a thread that everyone can't see... I don't have any secrets to hide anyways....... well except for that 1 thing........j/k 

I don't always sign in, sometimes I just click on to see whats new & a thread won't open, so I know what you mean there...LOL, it is a pain in the butt!

I agree 100%. The biggest monetary expenditure
actually went for two dedicated servers, that are
monsters. That increases performance for all.

If anyone finds anything offensive, please let me

thanks for all replys. let's hope this place continues to reign as "the undisputed champion of mma forums"