New found respect for Irvin

“I’m just so happy that he would even take the fight against me,” Irvin commented. “I consider him an ‘A’ level fighter, and I consider myself a ‘C’ level fighter, maybe a ‘B’ level because I just beat Houston trying to claw my way up to the top. So for him to take a step down and fight me, I’m greatly appreciative of the guy, who is someone I look up to as one of those top tier fighters.”


Never really been a guy that I was too interested in, but after reading that comment I have to say that he earned some respect from me. not that he gives a shit.......


Very humble of him to say that. Gotta root for him now.

 Yeah, quite different from the Baroni/Guillard "IM THE BEST EVA" noise.

exactly. more of this please.

He was almost too humble before the Alexander fight. I wanted to put money on him but he didn't sound confident at all. He kept saying stuff like "well I'll just have to get in there and see how strong he is and hope he doesn't overpower me."

The first time I saw him interviewed it really surprised me. His voice and demeanor do not fit his image at all.

Was it Trigg who also referred to himself as a C or at best B level fighter?

 That is not only good to hear, it is also a smart move....if you are being brought in as a replacement and an underdog, you might as well build up your opponent.  It will make your potential win that much bigger, and if you don't come out on top it won't hurt your reputation.

I have always found it amusing that fighters don't understand that they are only as good as the guys that they beat prove they are...if you say your opponent sucks, you gain little by beating them.  Build the other guy up and if you win it makes you better.

wow very cool

nice to hear!

 Def a fan of the Sandman!

great comment, i like him more now...

But why fly to Thailand to train standup when this guy wants to hold you down and GNP?

shhh! its part of his misdisformation campaign

Indeed very cool; I hope Irvin can pull the upset.

K-Dawg, "backlash"? I think I'm the sole person who mentioned it on here.

That's funny

"The first time I saw him interviewed it really surprised me. His voice and demeanor do not fit his image at all."

Exact same thing I thought when I heard him interviewed on Sherdog radio.

I didn't care one bit about his reacting after the Houstin fight. The gun thing is something he's doing before, it wasn't like it was some random "fuck you" type thing.

As far as the "parking lot" statement, it would have probly helped if Houstin hadn't been walking around like a tard acting like he didn't get KO'ed.

PirateJax - 
Was it Trigg who also referred to himself as a C or at best B level fighter?

Nah, Trigg called GSP a "B Level fighter" before they fought at UFC 54. That didn't quite turn out to be the case.

Props to Irvin for being humble. The guy is very talented and extremely athletic, even if lacking a bit in some technical aspects.

I also agree that his "parking lot" comments were due to Houston walking around like a moron after Irvin had just highlight reel KOed him in record time, and then was getting booed after that type of performance.

I still think he bitched out against Cane.

thelifecoach - You guys are so predictable. If a figther reduces himself to your level, then you have respect. If they speak with confidence, then they're an asshole.

The scary thing is, this is exactly what politicians do to get votes, and obviously it works. You should be of fan of a fighter because you like the way that they fight, not because they shit all over themselves as a fighter.

I don't care if a fighter has an attitude, showboats, or shit talks. If they fight well, and with technique, then I'm a fan. This Pollyanna attitude toward fighters and their characters is just puritan, farmboy reasoning.



props coach.. props