New Helio Gracie Interview

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"What I mean is that I didn't invent jiu-jitsu. But I took a piece of junk like a Santos-Dumont airplane. You're not going to fly from here to that corner in that."

This is Helio addressing the differences between his jiu-jitsu and that of Carlos, not Maeda. He's answering the question "Another part of the Gracie Family attributes the success of jiu-jitsu to your brother Carlos. Were the two lines of fighting different?"

Anyway, I found this interview entertaining, but I have to say I'm a little disappointed with it. The anti-gay slurs are in poor taste. I'm also a bit put off by his remark that he was horrified by his sister becoming a nun, because that would prevent her from procreating.

m.g., maybe I'm missing something. I really don't see anything unusual about a big Brazilian family. Perhaps you're employing some humorous subtlety that's going over my head...

On the jiu-jitsu side, it's interesting that Helio doesn't want his kids fighting MMA.

Global Training Report is one of the best MMA sites. Thanks for posting the link.


Jesus Christ, who decided to ask this fucking question???

PLAYBOY: Have you ever been unable to get it up?

HELIO: No, that has never happened.


how can any self respecting wrestling coach list basketball as a hobby of theirs.....obviously judont know sh!t about grappling.

I remember years ago seeing some outtake footage of Choke,Rickson talked about how Helio had a low view of women,and how he(Rickson) disagreed with him.

poodollar, quit stalking me, you're getting kinda creepy. Thanks for the interest though.


Perhaps you're making my comment more than it really is.

I didn't say having a big family, Brazilian or otherwise, was unusual I said it was INTERESTING.

I was just pointing out an interesting fact, nothing more nothing less.

Stop reading things into my post that isn't there.

"Perhaps you're making my comment more than it really is."

No, not really. I actually thought I was missing a joke, and was responding sarcastically.

Don't get upset. I've enjoyed your posts in the past. I'll throw in a :) next time.



No problem, sorry for the response.