New issue on Android

When I scroll down it randomly starts scrolling up to the point I can’t read the thread.

Am I the only one?

Nope same with me, only when there is pictures in the thread. Also Eddie vs Connor is still my loading screen picture. Awful app

Top Men give no fucks about Android.

Yeah it’s terrible on threads with loads of tits I mean pics.

How patient can we be?

GrindOnLine - When I scroll down it randomly starts scrolling up to the point I can't read the thread.

Am I the only one?

It’s been doing that on mine as well

I deleted the app because I could not access my subscriptions on it.  Now I just use chrome, and this site frequently redirects me to some bullshit popup sites.  I really don't know why I still come here.

Ruins my OG soup time!!!

Same. It’s been doing it for the past week or so. Lol I thought it was my phone. I’ve been using both thumbs to scroll these threads like a retard.

Thanks for that. I thought there was an issue with my phone or something wrong with my screen protector

I use both OS’s. 1/2 of Forum users have Android, The Manager of this Forum is hurting their bottom line, not smart business. I really enjoy this Forum. 

Yeah you now have to slow crawl scroll on a thread. I have my phone were it does not auto update but forgot to set that on my tablet. I highly doubt they fix it

Ditto. Happens when there’s a lot of media posted on a page

Topmen lost the Android File

Wow, I thought it was just my cracked screen, never noticed that it’s a UG specific problem.

Happens to me too. Annoying as hell.

Same here , been like it for a month.

Same problem here.

Thank god you made this thread.

Was about to rma my phone.

Post a pic that’s never not funny thread is a nightmare