New Jiu Jitsu Gi Company

Hey guys, I just started my own Jiu Jitsu gi company. Please check out my website,
We sell gis, fight shorts, and rash guards. Shirts and hats coming soon. There is an online store on there with secure PayPal checkout. If you dont want to pay shipping, I could probably meet you at a jiu jitsu tournament here in Florida. Thanks!

looks good is this your company?

Your website won't display on my iPhone.
Perhaps an issue worth looking at.

(I just get a white page with tabs at the bottom for contact, Facebook etc and a little thing ticking round to show me the page is loading) Phone Post 3.0

Thanks, yes it is my company.

I'll check out the iPhone thing. It works well on my android, but it does take a few seconds to load.

what part of fl u guys in?

Cape Coral, on the west coast near Fort Myers

Hey guys,
I'm running a giveaway for a free gi on Facebook.
Check out

Good luck!


Won't show on my iPad either.

I have a question. What is your fit like? I'm 6'0 250lbs but very broad shoulders and chest and thick back. Gi's are usually tight in the chest and shoulders. Phone Post

I have a few pretty big guys at my gym that wear them and they seem to fit pretty well. I have a size chart with the exact measurements in inches on our website. I always tell people that the best way to know for sure what size you should get is to measure one of your gis that fits you well, and compare it to the one you want to buy. Since you are specifically worried about the shoulders and chest, if you measure your gi in those spots and PM me, I'll check them against one of my gis.

I dont know whats up with the ipad/iphone thing. I have had friends use their iphones to pull up the site and it worked fine. It does take a minute to load though

The sites not working great on my phone. Would you ship to UK? Phone Post

Yes sir. Just email me first and let me know what you want so I can figure out proper postage.

For anyone that is going to the COPA jiu jitsu tournament this weekend, Nov. 9th in Lakeland,FL , I will be there with a booth set up selling my gis, fight shorts, rash guards, and shirts. Mention that you saw this on the UG and I'll give you $10 off a gi!

I can produce bjj gis, rash guards, mma shorts and board shorts, hoodies and t-shirts with your logo.

email me

You also can add me on facebook