New Leozinho DVD (vs. Penn)?

Has anyone seen this DVD?

The footage of Leo vs. Penn should be good...

Cant wait

Guys, I'll have a review up for you Wed. by noon.

i didnt know leo fought penn

who won

thanks bjjprim8. In your review, please compare it to the Alliance seminar DVDs as well. Looking forward to it!


I'll compare it to his century set and the seminar set from alliance, how'd you know I even had that?

"The footage of Leo vs. Penn should be good..."

*Its really cool training session they had while Leo was in Hawaii!

You posted once that you had them on another Leo thread, saying it was "OK" - I bought the seminar DVDs from an Alliance friend here in ATL. I thought it was pretty solid, considering that it was a seminar and not scripted. Some good details helped me with the north/south reverse guillotine. I'm curious as to how much overlap there is, and which techniques he shows. I took a private with him last year in Sao Paulo, and I forgot a lot of the details he gave. I find your reviews to be pretty consistent with my impressions on instructionals, so I look forward to reading it.


Thanks, I forgot about that time I said I had them. I'll have the review up Wed for sure.