New Look

 Wow has had a total makeover. I miss the look of the old forum.

When I first came on the new site I thought I landed on a basketball forum because of that logo. WTF is that anyway? I dicked around with the new site for a bit and it is pretty good once you get used to it. You can get a similar look to the old one by clicking on "old school" beneath the forum tab.

Nah - I like the new look.

 Ok getting a little more used to it.

 use "frames" helps if you like the old format


yea. ive adjusted. life moves on. the email screen is way improved though.

Initiallly I really felt adrift like I was out of touch with all my forum buddies. It made me realize that this joint has become a part of daily routine. I have made some really good friends on this web site over the years.

Serbin, you look thinner on the new forum..

 I always look thinner in dark colors Quincy. Didn't know you cared. Wanna see me in a black speedo?

speedo does make body suits...