Hi, guys, I know I haven't been keeping up with the Board, it's just that, besides having the business increasing at a fast rate (thank you!), I have the baby coming soon: MAY 20th!!!!! It's a boy and his name will be Tyler Marcelo Machado Simon. Tyler because it's a beautiful American name. Marcelo because it's the most beautiful name on Earth and it's also my brother's name. Machado and Simon because it's my family and Josh's family, of course, and we are proud of them. Anyway, we are so excited and have had so many things to prepare for Tyler's arrival that I am busy, busy, busy, you can't imagine how busy I am...

Anyway, I am here to announce the arrival of new Lutador Americano rash-guards and vale-tudo shorts. Josh and I have been working and researching and experimenting on this for the past year and we assure you it's the best quality available on the market. The products are made of VERY THICK nylon spandex and will last for a very long time. Our logo LA has some of the colors of the American flag: red and blue and we also have the name "Lutador Americano" written in gold. Not yellow, metalic gold! Gorgeous! We thought that having a big logo on the rear would may not work that perfectly, since there is so much friction on the ground on that part. Like I said: it's watching and learning and experimenting ALWAYS... that's the way I work and will always do. The products are from our new "Gold Series Line" and I'm sure you'll be a 100% satisfied. I put my name on that. The products are available under our "Vale-tudo/no gi" section on the website.

Well, that's it for now, guys. I do hope you are all doing great, improving your jiu-jitsu, doing well on the tournments. Eventhough I have disappeared, I have many of you in my thoughts.

Thank you very much for your endless support and friendship. I wish you all the best always! Take care!



jesus christ. your kid is going to have a hell of a time learning to write his name.


hybrid weave = best gi

Andy, anyway, it's a beautiful name; isn't it? Hahaha... take care!

Hi Luciana,
When will you have new kimonos in? It seems the kimonos have been out of stock forever.

congrats and good luck w/your baby!

a) love the L/A logo

b) summer weave is sooo sweet. too bad it isn't comp's fast becoming my fav kimono

No, Stompin1, I had them available several times! It's that, since I always have a list of people waiting, every time the gi's arrive, I contact these customers immediately. They promptly buy everything I have, so I haven't had time to make them available on the website. It happened for the last 5 times I got gi's here! Understand? If you are in need of a gi, email me and I'll save your email and then will be in touch with you whenever they arrive; ok?
What has happened to the factory it is that, because of the increase on the orders (Barra Gracie added to UGF Judo Team, etc), they haven't been able to manufacture gi's at the fast rate we all would like them to. Because of that, now the factory is working three shifts and works also on Saturday, so, fortunately, things will get back to normal pretty soon; ok? Sorry about that; it's also very upsetting and annoying to me, as you can imagine.
Thank you for your interest, anyway. Take care!

Thank you, NHBRrookie! Thank you for your compliments and good wishes... Take care!
Ps.: I agree about the summer weave gi's; doesn't it almost "save your life" during the hot days?