New Machado Black Belt

Yesterday, Carlos Machado awarded Alvis Solis with his Black Belt.

Alvis is the Head Instructor at Solis Martial Arts Academy in Humble, Tx (near Houston) and one of the nicest, loyal and most sincere people you will meet in the sport.

Not to mention, he saved my life yesterday!

Huge Congrats, Alvis. A well deserved promotion!!!

And a regular here on the forums. Congrats Alvis!


well done.


Has Lovato Jr. got his black belt yet?

WOW! I can now say I personally know a BJJ blackbelt! Great accomplishment, Alvis, I am very happy for you.

I'm way over-due to stop by and say "howdy", I'll have to make an extra-effort to do so soon, to see the new belt :-)

Lee Atkinson

Congrats Alvis. 


Felicidadez wey!

Yes, Lavato Jr. received his Black Belt a while back....I'm not sure on specific dates.

I do believe he's the youngest American BJJ Black Belt, or was at one time.


if you see this msg, could you let me know if youve trained with a kid named leo? i think he was from that area originally, then trained in california (sf) for a while in the late 90's. he should be a purple belt now.. has a knife scar on his stomach.


Awesome, Alvis has been around the forums for a long time.  Congrats on the black belt bro!


Congratulations to my friend Alvis on his promotion!



Thanks means a lot to me. Its been 10 long years, but I made it! :)

I need to thank for believing in me since I was a Blue Belt! The Dog Brothers for introducing me to the Machados. Thanks to Carlos for moving to Texas :)
Now time to get back on the mat and get me and my team ready for the Pan Ams!

Thanks again!


Congratulations to the promotion........

Congratulations to Alvis, who is the first friendly face from another team that I met at my very first tournament years ago. He always goes out of his way to be friendly and helpful with everyone.

Alvis BIG CONGRATS form The HardCore Gym.

Adam Singer

nice, congrats!