New Member!!!!!!

I have info that Jake has either just become a daddy or is about to :)

Hope all is well and a great big congratulations!

Congrats Jake!

Congrats Jake!!!!!!!!

I don't think so? I'm not that out of touch am I?


Thanks guys. Been a long night, we are expecting our new daughther to make her debut around 3 or 4pm today!


Congrats Jake!

Congrats Jake!

Leona arrived yesterday evening, happy and healthy! Thanks!

Lol @ masf3! Is it that hard to say congratulations?!

Congrats, Jake!

Wtf's it got to do with you anyway??

Congrats Jake. If you thought you were busy before, this newest experience will be an eye-opener! (a very rewarding one, that is).

Congratulations Jake!

Congrats, brother! Parenthood is awesome.


As a proud father of 2, I say, "Welcome to the club" (Say goodbye to sleep).. LOL