New Michigan MMA Website Launched

The Michigan Fighting Challenge has launched a new website at:

The event promoters are Monroe Martial Arts and former WBO Light Middle Weight Boxing Champion Bronco McKart.

They have held three events to date and are holding the fourth on Friday, August 7, 2009 located at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Monroe, MI.

For ticket information please visit: or call: 724-242-2464. Thank you!

 Has the boxing commission determined the rules and regs yet?  If not this promotion is not legal.

This is an amateur event.

Commissions don't generally 'determine' rules...they approve them (or not).

mma is legal in michigan now

I just spoke with one of the promoters and they are a couple spots available if anyone is interested in competing.

They are looking for people with prior mma/boxing/wrestling experience to put on a good show. Several will be competing for titles in various weight classes. In past events everyone was matched up by record and fight experience. This event will be no different.