New Midwest Fight Team!

We are having the first seminar/practice for our new Competition Team headed by Saulo Ribeiro on Thursday, October 21, 2004, at the Gomez Academy in Melvindale Michigan. This Team will basically compete in three areas: MMA, Sport Jiu-Jitsu, and No-gi grappling.

The first seminar/practice will be both Gi and MMA. All of Saulo's students are welcome to come, however, MMA Fighters who are interested in fighting should attend the first practice in order to be considered for future events, sponsorship, and training.

If you want to become a world champion, and a complete fighter, or fight MMA in some quality events such as: the FFC, KOTC, the FightZone, and many others, you might want to attend this practice to get your career jump-started.

More information to come about no-gi and gi in the weeks to come.

For cost, and more information, you can contact me at mezgo@Comcast .net


Dave Gomez



I have had a lot of people tell me that they can't post on my threads. Do you know why, and what can I do?




Sounds like fun, wish I had the extra time to come and get beat up :) ...Dave, looks like I have something going for Feb. (don't want to jinx it yet), thanks for the help trying to get me set up somewhere. I would love to get some extra training in if you guys get a set schedule and I can make it down one day. Keep me posted!

good luck to you new team Dave!

Thanks Ang, best of luck.

Hi Dustin.


you got mail

Oct. 25? Hmmm, I MIGHT be able to make that.


Good luck with it Dave!! If you have any ammy's on the team wanting to fight, I have events year around within driving distance.. let me know!

Actually, I think we will be having some, I will stay in touch.