new MMA artwork website!

 So I finally got my work up on this great new website for artists!

The Untapped Source

The really nice thing is that all of the works are available as prints at various sizes and paper types...very high quality prints!

Also check out the other artists while you're there, there are even a couple other artists doing MMA related work!

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 Really cool TTT  I have your dan henerson and evan tanner autographed ones from ebay, very nice.

Bradu - Nice work as always. Do you have anymore Evan Tanner Autographed?

 thanks guys. I do...only about 5 autographed Tanners left I think.



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ttt 4 Brad!


The "Artistic Nude" category is very classy.

Mauricio'sMuck - The "Artistic Nude" category is very classy.

 yes, very nice. There's so much work on that site, I've barely browsed the photography or digital stuff so I haven't seen most of it.