new mma game

Tito Ortiz is developing his own video game for XBOX. - wrestling

What is going to be like a Mike Tyson's Punch Out? You have to work your way up to Tito.

shut up

Shannon Ritch could replace Glass Joe.

LMFAO @ Godzilla

Leisure Suit Tito?

I think that's awesome news.

aside from the official UFC game coming out?

I believe it considering his future in MMA looks worse & worse after every fight.

Early reviews say this game has absolutely no finishing moves, all bouts go to decision, the fighters can't even string a complete sentence together, and the fighters heads are disproportionately HUGE!

Here is an early screen shot

^^ haha, do you get bj's between rounds to recover like in Ring King or whatever?

"Leisure Suit Tito?"


I was going to say Tito Nukem but that was much better.