New MMA gym in SE MI!
Great people and atmosphere!!


Who are your instructors for each of the arts?

Can you post pix of the gym?

Joe is a great boxing instructor.

I wondered where the Muay Thai guys went once they left the Wyandotte school.


LOL Joe Giarmo? Are you shitting me? I went to highschool with him -- I didn't know he boxed.

Well holy shit maybe its a different Joe Giarmo lol...

kyle, i heard that he remembers you too and has never forgotten the constant bullying. but he's willing to forgive and forget. just bring your gloves and mouthpiece.

I would love to if its the same Joe, but I don't think it is... strange because he was from Monroe too.

wow. where are those answers?


Well, they have Tapout logos all over their website. I'm convinced.



school pics

main page


Sorry, wasn't paying attention i thought the thread was a question, like new MMA gyms in SE mi?

 Jeez, is that where you train dom?

yup, that's our place. feel free to stop on by

Do you find that daily training in the cage starts to get hard on your body?

we only train in the cage on fighter training, and sparring days. usually only once maybe twice a week. all our grappling and kickboxing classes are on one or both of our mat areas. i don't think it's neccessary to train in the cage unless you need to learn proximity awareness or how to get off the wall.

Ever had sex in the cage?

Just wondering because if we get one here Im gunna be humping chicks in it everyday!!

shhh... don't tell anybody lol

Girl: So you fight ufc?

Me: Hell yeah, wanna see my cage?