New MT Schedule at Warrior Way..

Warrior Way in Walled Lake, MI is now offering additional Muay Thai training under Matee Jadeepitak as of October 18th. Please see our new schedule at to check it out. We are offering training on Saturday afternoons from 2-3:30ish (more like 4:00) and also for those who are lucky enough to have afternoons free, we are training from 1:00-2:00 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays. Also, we have offered a beginner's Muay Thai for those who are not comfortable with the more advanced training that is offered in the Intermediate/Mixed Muay Thai training sessions. Anyone is free to come, stop by and see us or call us at 248-960-4884.....


Heard there was a good turnout for the new Sat. class! We hope this new schedule will be more convenient, and allow more people to train more frequently.


We had a good turnout for our first weekend - lots of technique, sparring. Matee didn't gas us out like he does during the week. The two hours flew by, I was ready to train another 2!!!

Having just returned from a newly added afternoon class I must say: Hurrah!

I didn't make it to the Saturday class but plan on it this coming weekend. Awesome.

Matt...You guys are lucky! If you can train in the day time, do it! There aren't too many people in those classes and you'll basically be getting a private w/ Matee everyday for no extra price! I can't wait to start training next week after our BJJ tournament....However, I'm not looking forward to Matee's new calf raise exercises w/ the kettlebell's! :0

Angelo, just remember if you're doing good or bad, everyone gets the same whack from the paddle.

I would think the afternoon classes should be a big boon. Maybe the stay at home people, college aged kids in school and those with flexible work schedules (like me) get an opportunity for a near one-on-one with Matee. Superb.

There are like 7 classes a week now. 10+ hours of training available. That's some darn good service. Keep up the good work.

At least he hits you guys with the wide part of the paddle.He hits me with the edge of it.He got me in the ear last time it hurt like hell.LOL

LOL @ Matt...I was laughing so hard when I saw him wacking everyone w/ the paddle no matter if you were doing good or bad! You guys are lucky, the paddle is his second choice, the first being a 2ft. section of broomstick!! We told him this is America, and you can't go around caining everyone :)

Classes might pick up soon...Next week I begin the mailing/advertising push for new students!