New Purple Belt!!!

Congratulations to Brandon Bledsoe in Knoxville, TN on receiving his purple Belt from Soneca !!!

Congrats Brandon! Now you have to come roll with me and make me look bad.


ValeTudoTn already trying to put a target on Brandon?
It won't look so bad to be schooled by him now!

BTW James-you have mail.

Congratulations Brandon!!!!



Congrats Brandon. I remember you from the old Fearless Freestyle Fighting in Fort Wayne days. You've been fighting and competing a long is well deserved that you've been recognized as faxia roxa.


Patrick Robinson

Congrats Brandon. My coach said anyone who gets a purple belt from Soneca must be very good.

Thanks guys. Soneca also promoted James Mullins to purple

Soneca was just tired of me wearing my torn 6year old blue belt to class

Everyone has put a target me as of late it seems.....

Patrick Robinson

Long time man. How have you been?Still doing shows?

Email me sometime




James are you training on Saturday @ KBJJ?

James told me tonight,he plans on being there Sat.

I sure am Brandon. You gonna be there? I can't wait to finally get to train with you.

going to try. soneca is going out of town so unless i go with him I'll be free on Sat

Brandon, were you the guy that came to Colorado with Soneca this past weekend?

that was Kurt Rassmusen that went to Boulder w\ Soneca