NEW Randy Couture Highlight Video

Check out my newest highlight - Randy Couture!

And for anyone who hasn't seen my previous highlights and is interested, here are the links:

Matt Lindland:

Dan Henderson

Sorry, double post! :(

Nice Becca!

Thanks, Jake! Hey, did you get the email I sent earlier this week? Sometimes my spam filter gets funky and weeds out good mail, so I wanted to make sure you hadn't replied and I lost it -- I was just wondering where exactly your Sat. classes are, 'cause I want to come check one out in the next couple weeks...

We're at Redwood's Gym in Venice Saturday mornings at 9am

Okay, cool - I messed up my back last week, so I have to wait for it to get better, but as soon as it does I'm going to come check out your class. Maybe in like a week and half...



i cant get none of those links to work i really want to check them out!!!!

mency - try these links!






Doh - thanks jscorbett! :)