It is with great pride that i post this.

My first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor,TODD FOX received his Black Belt yesterday from his Instructor RODRIGO VAGHI.Rodrigo is one of the very few Rickson Gracie Black Belts.

Todd received every belt from Blue to Black from Rodrigo.A very honourable

Todds work commitments means he travels and trains all over the world but has always returned to train with his Master and Team Vaghi whenever he is in the U.S.A.

He has also spent extensive periods training with Rodrigo's Master Rickson.

I met Todd in 2001 and he gave me my first introduction to BJJ from Todd.Lets just say it changed my life. and i have immense respect for him and a huge gratitude for introducing me to this thing,this way of life.

To see a man i view as one of masters as well as one of my friends finally be awarded his Black Belt after so many years is a great feeling for me and i wanted to share my celebration with you guys on this forum.

Rickson's lineage is notorious for being very conservative when it comes to awarding belts and Mr Vaghi is no different.That shows Todd's perserverance and loyalty is unquestionable.

Simon Hayes
Carlson Gracie Team London

congrats to him

Huge congrats to Todd. He stopped by Buffalo BJJ about a month ago and was very gracious and kind to my students.

if youre in London, how much time did he get to train with Rodrigo? How much extensive time did he train with Rickson, how is that possible, Rodrigo has always lived on the other side of the country from Rickson, so how did Todd Fox get all this time with Rickson when his instructor Rodrigo doesnt even train with him

not knocking anything but just curious how all this one on one time is possible

and your signature is Carlson Gracie? I thought this new Rodrigo Black Belt was your instructor?

I opened this thread thinking/hoping it would be about Todd. Really good guy, really solid game and I'm very happy for him.

HB, to answer your question (about Todd at least) his homebase is St. Louis and when he has the ability to he always goes back and trains with Rodrigo, but much of his travel (job/background has him traveling about 6-10 months out of the year) puts him in LA where he does train at Rickson's academy (this is where I met him years ago) -so yes, he has spent a lot of time at both academies.

Hello Huntington Punk.

I will try to answer your questions as best i can.

I was introduced to Jiu Jitsu in 2001 by Todd Fox who i met while i was working in Malta,an island between Sicily and Libya.I trained with him twice a day for 3 months before returning to London,England and searching for a BJJ Club.I joined Carlson Gracie Team as a White Belt where i was subsequently awarded my belts by Wilson Junior (BB under Nelson Solari-Liborio-Carlson Senior).

When i first began training with Todd Fox in 2001 he was a Purple Belt,i believe he began training with Rodrigo Vaghi in 1996.

He has a career that see's him travel extensively,and around 2000 he was living in L.A. and training with Rickson.He was rooming with Henry Akin's. (you know who he is.)

Todd has also spent a lot of time in NYC where he is always welcomed by Renzo.

Whenever Todd is not working away from home he is in St Louis training with Team Vaghi,and is proud to have been awarded his Blue,Purple,Brown and Black from Rodrigo Vaghi.I believe he has been with Rodrigo for 12 years.

You can read more about Todd on (There is some great pictures on the "Fighting" page of his site.

Whenever Todd comes to London he is welcomed by Carlson Gracie Team regardless of his lineage,as he was my first teacher and some things in Jiu Jitsu transcend lineage.
He is an honoury member of Carlson Gracie London and when he is in the U.K. we are his family.

If you would like to check me out you can go to the Carlson Gracie London Website and check the Belts page.

I hope this clears up any lineage issues or questions you have.

Simon Hayes
Carlson Gracie Team London

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Congrats again to Todd Fox! Isn't this just 2nd black belt awarded by Rodrigo?

^ Yes, Rodrigo's second black belt.

The first was Mike Rogers

congrats to Todd in any case.

Congrats to Todd Fox. Getting a legit BJJ black belt from anyone is a huge accomplishment.

King Willy - Congrats to Todd Fox. Getting a legit BJJ black belt from anyone is a huge accomplishment.


Big Congratulations to Todd! I trained with him years ago (it's gotta be close to 7 or so) when I was visiting St. Louis, and he was very good back then.

 Congrats to Todd.  He is extremely good.

No doubt legit black belt.



 "Brazilian" Mike got his BLACK...that is great news!!!   Mike & I started around the same time, and is someone I consider a good friend within the BJJ Community!  He is a great BJJ practitioner on the mat...and a better guy off of it!

I am very happy for him!

Did not want to leave Todd out...Congrats to both!

- Dustin