New Roufus School in AZ?

I had heard Duke Roufus just opened up a new school somewhere in AZ. Any info would be appreciated(what the gym has, website, if this is going to be his permanent location, etc) ...I was thinking of moving to the Tempe/Pheonix area and this would be a big factor in deciding on location.
Any info would be appreciated.


Rick Roufus' school is in Tempe. Call him at 480-966-KICK.

I got the wrong Roufus then? Plus I'm guessing its not a new school.


TTT Rick is putting a lot of money into marketing his place. I hope he does well. I'm sure he will. A big name in kickboxing and the largest kickboxing facility. TTT for Rick!

ThaiedUp. Is Rufujio still teaching BJJ over there? I heard he's a purple belt now. TTT again.


ttt, for more info

Hopefully Rick's school takes off, Rick was a great guy to train with when he was back here in Milwaukee. All this crazy talk about Tyson and MMA does not seem like him. RED SCHAFER

maybe I should have put up a tyson x roufus thread to get some info... ttt, one last time