New SBGi BJJ black belt! + more news..


New Black Belt! New purple, and a great camp!



On March 27th at the SBGi Spring Camp Matt Thornton awarded his fourth BJJ black belt to longtime student, and SBG Portland Coach Rick Davison. Rick has been with SBG for almost twelve years, and has one of the tightest technical Jits games in the organization.

A note from Matt: "I was very proud to award Rick his well deserved black belt. Rick's game is top notch, and his technical understanding of the game is equally refined. I know he will continue to represent the highest standards of excellence that SBGi is known for."

Big congratulations to Auður Olga Skúladóttir, from SBGi Iceland. Auður received her BJJ purple belt from Matt Thornton, while visiting the Portland Gym, for training, and Camp. 

A note from Matt: "Auður has one of the most technical BJJ games I have seen in sometime. Great base, posture, and technical movement. There is no doubt she will go far in this sport."

Spring Camp was a great success, check the latest issue of our newsletter for a review, or our members forum. Here are some upcoming events:

April 10-11, 2010: Matt Thornton seminar in St. Catherines, ON?Contact: Rich Beaupit?Tel: 905.329.KICK(5425)?Email:

May 1-2, 2010: Matt Thornton seminar in Wareham, Mass ?Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness?Wareham, MA 02571?Contact: Stephen Whittier?508-295-5427?Web: