New SBGi BJJ Brown Belt!

Big congratulations to John Kavanagh on receiving his brown belt last weekend in Dublin!

John, along with Luis, is one of only two brown belts I have awarded since I have been a black belt. And I think the quality of both athletes speaks volumes about our standards there. His recent wins at the European championships where no surprise as John's game is smoking right now.

Look for him to be competing at the Gorilla Cup friday night at camp, and teaching during the weekend.


Huuuuge congrats to an extremely very well earned promotion!


Kavanaugh is super slick. I am really looking forward to training with
him at camp.

Major CONGRATS and very well deserved!! Does this mean he will no longer be wearing his pink socks?? ;)

James Walker



I know there's some gold around here somewhere. Tricky one arn't you.

Congrats John.

Dave Copeland

BIRGing I knew John before he was a brown belt... =)