New school for Team Vaghi in STL

Well Rodrigo has finally gotten tired of training in a school to small for our team. He has just moved the school down the street (about five minutes away from the old location) to a 5000 square foot warehouse with showers, double the mat space, and a full size boxing ring. Not wanting to let the boxing ring go to waste he is bring in a boxing coach, a muay thai coach and a wrestling coach.

Vaghi will now offer gi and no gi classes in addition to more MMA focused workouts.

Team Vaghi coaches

Rodrigo Vaghi - Gi and no BJJ, and kids classes

Brian JOnes - Boxing and strength and conditioning

Dave Americatae and Brain Guidry and Mike Rogers - wrestling ....Dave is a Juco wrestling coach that is willing to help us in the off season.

Anthony Harduk - Muay Thai...Great Dutch Kickboxer (this one is still in the works but Anthony has already said he will at least come to St. Louis once a month)

Jonathan Menke - Kids classes


man .. aren't you like 6'3. A little big for a kid's class don't ya think?

Are you still looking for a Muay Thai Coach?

Chad- I am 6foot 5inches and it isn't about size it is about maturity so rodrigo said I can go to the class

As far as the MT coach is concerned...maybe?? We have a few people we are talking to....but that is all up to Vaghi I am just the messager this time.


TTT-Do you guys have pricing yet/What are the hours gonna be?

Jon, what's up. Ya, i guess i should have studdied tapes on Tokoro. LOL Hey, do you know when Dan Lomans Title belt will be ready?? thanks jason


Jon, I'm not sure you're mature enough for a kid's class. . .I know I couldn't get in.

I will dominate the kids class!!!

Jason- the belts will be finished early to mid next week and I will mail them out asap....I need dan's me dude

Worked out last night at the new school. Rodrigo was talking about running the no gi sparring on M-W-F with no gi technique on T- TH....then gi sparring on T-TH (after no gi technique) and technique on M-W-F....and open mat from 12-2 on saturdays (do whatever you want)

Craig- you will dominate but that is okay because you are in the same weight class as most of the kids!!!

Mark- DIDn't show last night again!!!!...You are starting to come off like a jiujitsu poser

Starting? I'm already there baby.

Maybe it'd be different if I could get into the kids class. . .

TTT good luck guy's

Thats right Jonathan and dont forget im still a white belt so that means me and the kids are the same skill level.

Whats up J.W. how's it going?