New shirt design, check it out!

The first 3 have been selling well and just got the artwork back for the next design which will be ready on Jan 12th. If you haven't seen the first 3 go to


Its a change from the standard tough guy shirts.

very cool

here are the other 3 already for sale

yes it will be on a green tshirt

<img src=""

grapplin let me know when you fix your pic and Ill remove mine :)

grapplintees - you've got mail

whats wrong with my pic

I meant West Coast Grapplers

I like the gatorade one, I would'nt wear it but . I think its cool

From: grapplintees

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whats wrong with my pic

It shows up as a yellow frog. Not the first one. The second gif one.

Nice, lol

I like them all.

hmm, showing up fine on my computer.

the yellow frog is my best seller!

hmm, showing up fine on my computer.

Because you posted it.

You didnt use their hotlink option right :)

I used the HTML editor


I would wear one.

Maybe I'm just nerdy like that though.