New Spartan Fitness schedule is up!!!

 check it out!!!



Bout time.

I'm going to go ahead and put Chris in with Leif because he never calls anyone back either.
-Siegfried and Roy

Looks great! I'll be able to start training again. I'm assuming you'll be the one there in the morning Joey?

pat freeman - Saturdy? Must be the day that Stranglehold trains.

if it is, you should give beating your penis to death a break and go fight a guy instead

You guys are hard core training at 6 am. Good luck with the new gym.

Crump, Davis, Keith and Leif:

You guys gonna be there for the 11:30 classes on Tue and Thur?

Crump and Davis: We should get together this week and do stadiums. What day works best for you guys? I am free any weekday from 10:30-1pm.

banker, ca't make it those hours. Are the gyms getting showers? Also, Hiza, i need your counsel April 29 in Harpersville. I think Strigley said he'd do his best to be there. Have you talked to him?

Well, if you wanna talk about your shit online; yes, I have, and yes, I'll be there.

Strangle, you forgot a brother, and for that, I'm going to make your...hmmmm...your right leg pay for the next 2 weeks.

damn, everyone wants a piece of strangle! sorry i forgot about you Hiza...maybe its because I haven't see you train for like a year! Oh and my right leg says come get some!

I'll try to make the T/Th classes as often as possible, which should be fairly often. Probably not this week though.My new office is only 5 minutes from the gym so that helps out a lot. They really need to get some showers up in that place though. I mean, I can go shower at the Sportsplex around the corner, but that eats up some of my time y'know?

the new schedule doesn't go into effect until wednesday morning.

I'll be there starting Thurs. I went out to the place yesterday and talked with Chris. I'll also make the 6, as long as I don't get stood up!

And Strangle, don't let your leg make promises the rest of your body can't keep! I'll phone your crew and have them post some footage of your SEVERE limp.

You KNOW they'd do it, too.....

who has footage of me when I was gimping around on my effed up knee?

that shit is rehabbed yo! You gonna be there Thu for the afternoon class? if so I'll see you there.

Yeah, unless court keeps me out, I'll be there. I guess most of the "crew" that was helping me out before will make it. I don't think Lief will be there, cause he has some serious lab work this week.

"lab" work.

translation: cooking up more dem sweet 'roids in his basement.

He is amazingly fit for a former "fat body"...

LOFL! That is, by far, the longest post you have ever made!!

ttt for worm's broceps!

^^^didn't understand a word of that post.

I've got a master in chemistry, and he's right; unless you're a bone fide lab, you'd get a lot of scrutiny ordering most chemicals nowadays.

Worm, you should go micro scale.