New Spencer Fisher Interview

thomas wasnt in the lw division a year ago - so he is new to the division. last he fought in the ufc is at WW - as i said i was generous with my usage of recent, but he wasnt in the lw picture when fisher fought stout the first time.

pelligrino is tough fighter - and while agree that he hasn't gone up against the best comp yet - i feel that he is a bad matchup for fisher.

as for aurelio - his last 2 losses were to two top 10 LWs. in that year he also beat gomi. in the 2nd matchup it was close as well. but again - i feel he is a bad matchup for fisher.

i like fisher as a fighter, but i don't think that he is a legit contender for the belt. he has had some solid showings in the ufc, but nothing outstanding.

oh yea - and 'faught' isn't a word.


so by your logic everyone in the LW division is new.  A year ago the division didn't even exist.

"so by your logic everyone in the LW division is new. A year ago the division didn't even exist. "

you caught me. i was trying to catch you in a logical trap by suggesting that the whole lw division is 'new.' where rather than mention fighters like sherk/florian/franca/stevenson i brought up fighters who have more recently started competing in the ufcs lw division.

as i stated before - i like watching fisher, but i think that the influx of new fighters in the division is bad for him in the sense that i believe that he matches up poorly against them. a win over sam stout is obviously a step in the right direction, but hardly puts fisher at the top of the division.

argue all you want about who you think would or wouldnt beat figher, but arguing semantics on 'new' fighters is a bit silly

^that comming from the guy who called me out on a typo.

well maybe you should proof-read after commenting on someones 'retardation.'

who proof-reads on a ug post

ugh you people take this far too seriously

I am just pointing out your flawed logic and then you get all huffy and turn into juvinile (yes I know I spelled it wrong does it bother you?) name calling.

what are you talking about? firstly i was joking around with the 'faught.'

you speak of me acting 'juvinile'- yet your first response to me suggests that i beat myself with my shoe. and then your second proclaims my retardation. all before i mentioned your typo. now i assumed that those comments were meant in jest - as was my comment.

i guess that in the end - before i got huffy, you turned 'juvinile' name calling

lol... you know I am just trying to get you riled up right?  I know what you ment in the first place and I just wanted to mess with you a little bit.  I was hoping this would have turned into an ATT debate but you missed that bone I through out there.  I had to work with what you gave me.

How can anyone say that Spencer isn't really a title contender? c'mon guys..even if i wasn't his friend..that guy is LEGIT and very well rounded and everyone knows it. He really is capable of beating ANYONE and always puts on a great show in the process.

i know im doing the same. i saw the att thing, but i am from MA - so i should have grabbed that one instead

you threw me off by naming all the ATT fighters but I did have you pegged right on my first attempt.  I was going to go about the whole Masshole route but liked the challenge of going the ATT route.

i was debating, but i want to leave at 5 today. haha

lol I love butting heads with people from MA.  Their devotion to the Lauzon boys and K-flo borders on insanity.

i like joe cause he brings it and always shows up for big fights - ie victories over mike brown & jens.

as for kenny - well i train with him, so im completely biased.

I hear ya.  I like both guys as well.  I am just a card carrying MFS nuthugger so I need to stay loyal.

ok LOG what do you want to argue about now?