New to the 808 ;)

So my ninja Jimmy Naks reffered me to this forum room And.. I need a place to train! (please help)I live all the way in Ewa beach and have no clue where to go. I previously owned and ran a MMA gym in the shitty state of South Carolina and now i have relocated to the 808 State! I'm looking for a place to train as well as to teach. I'd like to help out kids as well so if you know any programs that need instructors please email me.. I have worked with kids, women and adults for the last 7 years. As well as trained with and worked with top pro's in California and all over the south east. Please help a brotha out!

thanks in advanced

Ask Jimmy he knows where all the schools closest to you

If you don't mind driving we got a solid kids program at kteam gracie Waikiki and uptown

Chelu, I figured you'd have more option by posting here 1st

If nothing else we'll meet up later this week and see what's available to you.

Welcome to the HG.

01/01/01 join date? Leche Prim! Old school!

v, who is your bjj under?

FCTV808 - v, who is your bjj under?

"What's the difference if Bruce Springsteen is his Shidoshi?"

Jimmy.. I actually been a member since the old Days.. like 97-98 I just never really posted! back then i had a different name.. Then i remade a sign in under this one in 01.. but i used to come on here just to read stuff..

FCTV808, Shidoshi Tanaka! I know i know, i don't look like a tanaka but jimmy don't look like a Nakamura haha all jokes aside..
I'm with Alliance BJJ out of Charlotte, NC. But i also train in Cali with a few guys from other affiliations (Humaita, GB, etc) so im not big on Flags.. But I ran an ALLIANCE association when i was in SC. I'm a purple under Luis "Sucuri" Togno..

Hmm total stranger looking online for a place to teach kids.
Uh yeah maybe you should try Gracie Waikiki or Kteam lol

I swear these aren't my condoms and liquor..I don't even know how it got in the bag..I was just coming over to talk..

FCTV808 - v, who is your bjj under?

I'm aroused reading this!

Id go roll w some of the instructors out there and use that to assess

 I know a guy who just got his brown who's looking to teach.  I mean just got as in just bought from OTM

Haha... Nice I really don't know how this thread took a turn for the


TTT for updates!

No updates as of yet. I was told by someone that i just needed to just go to some gyms and just choke everyone out.. So i been studying the first 3 chapters of "THE RUBBER GUARD" by Eddie Bravo.. Should be a beast in a couple more weeks..




don't forget Youtube!!