New Tommy Toe Hold: Vitor VS Chael

Fun episode. I liked writing this one. Enjoy!

Phone friendly

Sub ! These shows are always awesome Phone Post 3.0

Great episode as usual! Phone Post 3.0

Awesome as always! Thanks for making these and please keep it up.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I've got another episode coming out later today for Gamma Labs that will cover Tito v Rampage.

awesome as always Tommy

LMFAO @ Vitor's reaction to "Jesus" 

Haha good shit, as always! Phone Post 3.0

Great stuff! Phone Post 3.0

Augustus Caesar -

LMFAO @ Vitor's reaction to "Jesus" 

Boom. Phone Post 3.0

We're u bummed that Bellator announced Tito vs Page after u had already finished this weeks episode? Gold mine of possibility there for u lol. Phone Post 3.0

Tommy- I enjoyed the show to some degree but still have a strange desire to punch you in the the face.

Can I come on your show and fight you (to the death)?

Joe Rogan should get Tommy on his show. He had Adam Hunter on his show for Christ's sake.

Just joking Adam. Enjoy your stuff as well. You should get Rebek on your show!


You're the man bro. I have enjoyed every episode that I have seen so far. Keep up the good work. Phone Post 3.0