*NEW VID* 52 Triangle Chokes in 8 Min - J Scully

Back again.  This time with a video with a ton of triangle choke set-ups for you to experiment with.  The "Short But Sweet" series has fortunately turned into one of the most popular BJJ and Grappling videos series on YouTube and I'm glad that they have helped so many people around the world.

In this video I show 52 different triangle choke set ups from all different types of situations. And the best part is it's only an 8 minute video so you can get a quick glance and get your mind working on ideas right away.

The triangle choke is and will always be one of the highest percentage submissions in grappling, so the more set ups you are aware of the better.  Not just from an offensive stand point but also so you understand what different attacks your opponent's may try on you as well.

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Jason Scully


Thanks for sharing.

I look forward to your full length feature "4000 Guard Passes in Two Hours"

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Amazing.  These videos are just fantastic. 

Really, really nice job.  Again. 

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