NEW VID - Low Level X-Pass - Jason Scully

About a months ago I made a Short But Sweet Guard Passing video where I do 57 guard passing techniques in just 8 min.

Well I got a lot of people asking about what I call the  "Low Level X-Pass".  It's basically a mix of the X-Pass and the Over/Under pass.

This is high up there with being one of my favorite passes and for me this is because it's so closely related to the Over/Under Pass which is my #1 go to low level pass.

I honestly first came across this pass by watching a YouTube video of Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza drilling this pass.  He wasn't even explaining it, he was just drilling it with a partner.

I decided to try it out a few years ago when I saw the video and it was quickly added into my passing arsenal. It really makes a good gi variation for those who like to do the Over/Under pass no-gi.

Hope you enjoy it!

Please like the video on YouTube if you do, I would really

appreciate it.

Jason Scully

P.S. Sorry if the audio might have a little echo, if not don't worry about it haha


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