New Video Roger Huerta training in Thailand

...great training session.

Awesome, can;t wait till February, I'll be at Tiger everyday.

Do u guys do MMA privates as well, or just Muay Thai privates?

Looking good.


Khabeer, Head MMA Instructor Ray Elbe has a busy schedule and isn't able to accommodate privates very often, however he has a brown and purple belt coach who cover Gi, Nogi, and MMA privates.

TigerMuayThai - ...great training session.

 God I love Muay Thai.  Nothing more relaxing than a good round of technique sparring.


Thanks Tiger, I'll definitely be doing privates with them. Which muay thai coach do u recommend for striking to help me with my mma game, or does it not matter? Phone Post

i hope that training snaps his 2 fight losing streak..

Well whatever happens, that training did help him put down a 250 pound college texas linebacker within 5 secs

on tmz too

Those thai trainers are tough dudes.