New Years Results Part 2

The first thread is getting rather big, so I decided to make a second so I don't have to wait 30 seconds for the page to load.

Keep the results coming. :)

Play by play.

Nobuhiko Takada speaks for the crowd.Man, the show looks huge.

Genki Sudo beat Butterbean with a heel hold.

Daiju Takase on his way to the ring....


Sorry they're introducing the fighters.

Thanks, guys.

Thaks for teh intrenet. Damn i'm watching it alive.

keep them coming

Hey bro, werent you picking lyoto to beat franklin to?

Bro Hymn,
How is Mach/Takase going so far?

Yes I was looking forward to that match even though some dont seem to like takase.

But I hope mach wins, but takase is a good grappler.


You must really be eager for the woke me up so early today that now I cannot sleep!!!


Ikuhisa Minowa vs Quinton Jackson

Minowa and Jackson on the ring. The fight will begings.

The fight satrt with Minowa looking for the clinch and getting the takedown. But Jacjskon reverses it and now is on Minowa's guard

what are you doing in taiwan Andy?

Anymore results for K-1 and/or Inoki?


Sorry about that!

I can't believe how exciting this is, even though we're just watching someone type it out for us on the forum.

Royce/Yoshida should be kicking off anytime soon!!!!

Bro Hymn, do you have a delyaed broadcast?

Is someone gonna report on Royce defeating Yoshida??? Sorry, I mean 'fighting' Yoshida.

Ninja420;mayne there's a delay. Bu7t the fight which i'm watching right now on my computer is Minowa vs Rampage.