NEWS Ken Shamrock stops Assualt, Declared Hero!!!


He knocked some lady out in a mall lol

Former UFC champ Ken Shamrock is nicknamed the "World's Most Dangerous Man," and he proved this title while in a mall in California. TMZ reports Shamrock reportedly hit a woman while trying to break up a fight.

While sitting at a mall in Modesto, Calif., he saw two women involved in a fight. He jumped in to try to separate them, when another person jumped on his back. He threw the back-jumper to the ground and threw a knockout punch, earning his first knockout since 2004.

It wasn't until she was out that Shamrock and the crowd yelled at him that he saw he had knocked out a woman. Though a report was taken, the police told TMZ they most likely won't press charges because Shamrock was acting in self-defense.

Ken, your SN isnt supposed to be the truth

It's obvious Ken has been watching womens MMA as of late :)

Way to take a fight on short notice Ken.

You truly are original breed MMA.

Allen Hood - 

Lmao at first ko since 04 Phone Post