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The TUF get going
By Matt Serra

Let me start by saying I am pretty juiced about appearing on TUF4, ?The Comeback,? especially after having seen the first three seasons of The Ultimate Fighter reality series on Spike TV. Not only am I competing for the opportunity to get a shot at the title, but, when this is all said and done, I?m going to continue coaching after I hang up the gloves. Being on the show gives me exposure I could never buy for my gyms.

When I arrived at the training facility in Las Vegas, I had some idea about who the other fighters were going to be. I actually met some of them at the doctor?s office when we all were cleared to compete. I was surprised by a few of the other fighters, but one thing was for certain ? the talent assembled for the show was no joke. We were all hungry and looking forward to getting started.

When the teams were picked, man, I?ll tell you, I was kind of pissed that Din Thomas and Shonie Carter were on my team. I lost to both of those guys earlier in my career and I really wanted a chance at some payback, especially with Shonie. But now that we?re all teammates, believe it or not, there was no bad blood whatsoever. Talentwise, I felt our team was extremely strong and that we?d all get along. Chris Lytle spoke about it briefly in the show, but I tried to keep everyone loose between drills. When it came down to actually training, though, we were all business.

Losing the coin-toss was more annoying than anything ? it?s a pain not knowing who was going to fight next and you always want to control your own destiny. Obviously, we all came in ready to fight from day one ? it?s what we were there to do ? but not knowing who was fighting definitely put everyone a little on edge. We kept training while Team No Love deliberated about the matchup they wanted. Din Thomas said on the show that I emerged as a leader at the time ? which is flattering. I certainly didn?t campaign for the title, but if the guys considered me team leader, that?s certainly a high compliment to receive from my teammates.

When it came time for Team No Love to announce the first fight, I think a lot of us expected Shonie Carter?s name to be called. On paper, he may have been the weakest link on our team. But Shonie has a lot of experience in the octagon, and I didn?t think he was an opponent to be taken lightly. That?s what Team No Love did, especially Rich Clementi. I remember thinking at the time that it could come back and bite them.

There was talk from members of the other team about Shonie?s lack of focus because of things he did at the house like spray paint the UFC logo sign in the pool table room. That?s just Shonie being Shonie. In fact, I think he was so focused in the training facility for this fight that things like that helped him blow off steam and keep his mind right.

Once the fight was announced, Shonie asked me to be his cornerman, which, again, was flattering. It was also kind of funny given how badly I wanted to fight him when I found out he was going to be on the show. I just tried to make sure his ground game was sharp for his matchup. My strengths are my jiu jitsu and wrestling, and I made Shonie focus on takedowns and reversals for his bout with Rich.

On fight day, Shonie was as focused as ever, and we as a team felt very good about his chances. Watching the first round in person, I felt that it was a very close round that could have been scored either way. Having seen the replay, however, Shonie was a little bit more dominant during the first round and I?d give it to him by a 10-9 score.

In his corner, I urged Shonie to make sure he won the second round to avoid a third round. Shonie?s conditioning wasn?t at its sharpest coming into the fight, and I didn?t want fatigue to be a factor. Fortunately for our team, Shonie listened to me and scored a decisive victory in Round 2, holding off Rich?s strong start and gaining top positioning to impose his will in the fight.

Shonie?s victory was really great for our team. Given that he was a pretty big underdog heading into the fight, it was extremely gratifying to see our training pay off so quickly. We all won that fight because of what we put into getting Shonie ready for it. It really brought us together as a team, and we?ll be looking to build off it in Episode 2. Remember to check back next week.

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if Matt can keep the persona he had in episode one for the whole show, he's gonna be a freakin STAR when this is all over!!!!




Matt Serra is AWESOME! :)


Your BIGGEST fan west of the Mississippi! :)