Newton vs Chonan...winner?

Who do u think will win? I don't know much about Chonan but I think Newton MUST win this one. What you guys think?

Newton by sub.

Oh, and if anyone could tell me something important about Chonan that would be great.

Chonan is a very good fighter.

I can see this being a good match up.

Although as mentioned the fact that Carlos REALLY needs this win could mean he doesnt risk much and slows the fight right down.

Chonan beat sakurai by tko I believe possibly due to a cut. It was a very good fight, chonan is hard to keep down, good sub defense to, newton wont have an easy time with him. SHould be a good fight.

I see, thanks.

Should be a good fight. Though I don't see either fighter finishing the other.

Glad they bropught back Chonan. I was impressed when he fought Almeida. Should be a good fight

Chonan is very tough...but I'm pulling for Carlos in this one

goku, Carlos would NEVER look to win a fight by lay and pray

Chonan gave Almeida all he could handle and Almeida was significantly bigger. Chonan is a very good striker with solid sub defense. I think Chonan could knock him out, but Carlos will play it safe and try and work his ground game.

I think it'll play out exactly like ALmeida vs Chonan, with Carlos playing the role of Big Dog (of course). Chonan will be lucky if he can get off any strikes that Carlos' chin can't handle.

Carlos has been training HARD for this fight. :)