March 15

Destin, FL

vs. Paul Bradley

$purse$: none of yer damn biz

If its warm weather that early in March, I can see a beach trip happening!

Click on "fighters" and you will see that I am the co-main event vs. Paul Bradley


bring home an arm DJ.



unfortunately DJ picked up his first professional loss this weekend in Ft. Walton Beach.

No other details at this time. Props to Paul Bradley for a big win.

Well, I might still need to drop down to 170 because I was giving up about 20 pounds fighting this dude. Great fighter from Gracie-Barra Canada who also was just on The Ultimate Fighter(the season hasn't aired yet).

I threw a couple lead leg kicks and then a jab, cross and he took me down. I get a FULLY locked armbar and everybody thought he tapped twice(including me). We were in a precarious position(where I probably would have broke it if I kept cranking), so I loosened it and he pulled out and kept fighting. No ref stoppage, so I kept fighting. Obviously no time to explain to the ref that I thought he tapped(and I'm not trying to make excuses, either). Then he got me to defend some rib-shots and then took that opening to come up-top. A temple shot stunned me for about half a second. I tried to recover but couldn't recompose fast enough before the ref felt like he needed to stop it.

I'm sorry for disapointing my sponsors and people that support me. I have a fight with Kenny Stevens in May @ 185 and then a 185 tournament this summer. After that I'm dropping to 170.

ttt for next fight!!!! Where will it be?

Mobile, AL. May 31st. I have learned lately that losses motivate me waaaay more than wins. Not talking shit, but I'm going to fuck Kenny Stevens up.......bad.

I also know I can beat Paul, even with the weight disadvantage. I just need the right people to train with.

yes sir!it's all good dj!hopefully we will see you soon!

video or pics?

You definately learn more from a loss than a bunch of wins. Keep you head up man.

Can't wait to see you and Kenny fight. Classic grappler Vs striker matchup.

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