next generation academy in lakewoo

does anyone have experience training at the chris brennan's school in lakewood. how is tracy hess as an instructor? any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks

ttt..and HI KKM

I only went to a couple of classes at Tracy's school (i train with Chris) but the school was very nice, and i can tell you that Tracy has great Jiu-Jitsu and is a very nice person to boot.

I live in the area and drove by yesterday. The sign was no longer up. They might have changed locations or ???

The school is up and running just fine. Tracy is a great teacher and very cool, no attitude at all. I highly recommend checking out ant of the NG locations if ever givin the chance

good jiu-jitsu, good fighter, good instructor, good won't be disappointed!!!!

Tracy is the $h!t. Teaches just like Chris.

Brad why are you not fighting in our shows? Don't you love me anymore? :(

queSuS - are you doing the live in thing? If so, My boy Chaz will be there for June and maybe July.

TTT for NG Lakewood!

I was staying at Chris´ house for 3 months, just got back 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping to come back next summer though. I went to the house though and it looks awesome :) Good luck to Chaz.