Next Generation MMA Frisco Texas schedule

 Hey guys the schedule is up for those of you asking.  The rest of this week we will be open FREE to the public to come in and train with the instructors and get a feel for the school.  6:30pm Wednesday Thursday and Friday.  Starting Monday we will be running our full schedule.

Jiu-Jitsu instructors: Chris Brennan (Black Belt), Josh Bosquez (Black Belt) Coy Clements (Black Belt)

Muay Thai: Saekson Janjira (World Champion)

Wrestling: Kendall Cross (US Olympic Gold Medalist)

Come check it out




That is a great lineup of instructors! Best wishes Chris.


Good luck Chris! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me in front of Wal-mart.

Anyone around north DFW should definitely have this new gym on their radar.

Sick lineup. Good Luck! And hope to see you fighting in the big show again soon.


Wow, mad talent under one roof. Best of luck, I think you guys will do great up there.

 Such a great group of guys showed up for the opening tonight.  Thanks for all the support guys I'm very excited about this school.

congrats chris !!! who r the jj guys ??

Josh is a black belt under me and Coy is a Black Belt from JD Shelly.  Both very very good.

God damn you for being so far from houston! Phone Post

Very Impressive. Could be the best group in Dallas area.

40 minute drive I may have to start making....hell I use to drive bout the same distance when Mr.Janjira and Mr.Shelly were in Plano....thats an imprsssive group 4sure

Awesome!!! Phone Post


 TTT thanks guys

Training has been going awesome. Kendalls class is the best thing I've been to in years. It's helping me so much. The school is lookng nice too. Phone Post  

Dont forget every Saturday we have a FREE class at 9am for Police, Firemen, and Military.  You can't beat FREE.

Next Generation MMA

3241 Preston rd. #4

Frisco, Tx. 75034