Next Jones fight should be on a cruise ship

Wouldnt that be awesome?  Instead of just a event you go to make it a few day long cruise.  Fighter meet and greet leading up to event and after.  No pesky comissions to deal with.  Can even throw some freakshow fights on for good measure.  

Idea came to me when thinking of ways for Jones to avoid commissions, remembered the Tyson vs Secretariat promo poster lol.

Hed find a way to sink it

This brings up the YAMMA-esque idea of having dude's fight on a small ship in rough seas.

Arabs were going to pay a fortune to have Tyson Fury and Klitschko rematch on a ship a couple of years back.

Oh, he ain’t pretty noh moh…

United Yorkie Rescue - Battle ship

I got the joke