Is it on PPV?

The fight i'm looking to most is Charles McCarthy and Marcel Ferreira. I will buy it to see this fight alone!

This should be a war!!!!!!


Anyone know what weight this fight is at or if it's even still on?????




Thanks bro....

its at 185 and still on. losing the last of the weight today.

It is NOT on PPV unfortunately.

Damn, not being on PPV sucks....

Good luck Charles, Marcel was the only guy who ever tapped me in competition....armbar last June at the Pro Ams of Grappling.....he's slick but that was grappling, not nhb


Yeah I expect him to bring me my toughest fight to date. Actually I really hope he does. I want to test my limits and than some. That said I plan to beat him on the feet and on the ground. Thanks for the support Mike it means alot coming from you.


"Thanks for the support Mike it means alot coming from you."

It does? Why? Mike is a 135lb. chump!


LOL Ron.....haha
I thought you were gonna call me today? I'm planning a trip to Iowa to lay the smack down on ya!

No problem Charles, good luck bro....i'll be looking for results!


I will call you in a few! :)

Nah, nevermind...i don't wanna talk to you :)


I am calling you RIGHT NOW!


What??? It went straight to voicemail! :( I guess you really DON'T want to talk! lol

U called my cell, it's dead

call the apt. lol


Email me your home phone #! :) You hard as hell to get a hold of bastard! lol