Next TUF Coaches?

Now that TUF is done on Spike and next year I am sure they will want to have some Epic coaches for their first season on FX. I predict that if Chael wins in Jan. he and Silva will be the coaches. I also think they will stay with the lighter weight classes for some faster paced and more exciting fights.
Any other predictions? Phone Post

Try outs this week so likely not Chael. I'm guessing Cruz and Faber Phone Post

Ingo Weigold - Try outs this week so likely not Chael. I'm guessing Cruz and Faber Phone Post

Don't they usually set the coaches later on after they get the fighters? I really hope it's not Cruz and Faber. Nothing against them but I hope not. Phone Post

Need a womens TUF stat!

Jay-dog - Need a womens TUF stat!

I could go for that but the Bald father seems to not be warming up to women in the UFC. And I hate that too. Phone Post

 I heard McCorkle and Mittrione. ?

Jow Rogan and Wesley Snipes

ZIPPY -  I heard McCorkle and Mittrione. ?

The Cal has been placed! Phone Post

 unfortunately it will be cruz and faber :(

They should do a "comeback" season Phone Post

Huilo_95 - They should do a "comeback" season Phone Post

If they did that sadly they could put Mayhem on it. Go from coaching TUF to being on it. Phone Post

HOW did Mayhem get chosen as a coach this last time? During the fight they mention that he had not fought in the UFC in several (5 or 6?) years! Seems like there were probably over a dozen others in the weight class they could have chosen that HAVE been competitive in that time frame.

The irony is that Jason, IMHO, was a MUCH better coach than Bisping.

Hendo and Shogun

I wouldn't mind seeing Chael and Anderson but i would rather see Fedor and Couture with them fighting at the end.

Pride Never Died -  It will be Cruz and Faber next then if Jones and Rashad win their next fights it will be them as coaches.

Jones and Rashad would be a good one. Phone Post

I think another 'comebacks' style TUF would be good, it'd be a nice way to introduce multiple top fighters (as coaches) to the fans.

Just for entertainment value Sonnen vs Bisping would be great, but I doubt it seeing as Sonnen is set to fight Munoz.

It's been a long time since we had lightweight coaches, so maybe them. Edgar/Henderson vs Melendez/Aldo. Phone Post