NFC: Broken Leg in 15 seconds!!!

Anyone watched the NFC even last saturday in North Vancouver, BC?

Just wondering if anybody have the video on this.

It was a Kickboxing or Muay Thai fight. The guy threw a very hard low kick right at the start. It made a loud noise. Im not even sure if the other fighter checked that low kick or simply took it in. But as soon as that kick landed, he started hopping on his other leg and he was obviously in pain with the kicking leg. The referee stepped right in to check the fighter and when he put his legdown on the mat and put his weight on it, the leg about 6 inches from the ankle just bent in 90 degrees. OUCH!!! It was broken alright. I think the fight was declared over in 15 seconds.

I was sittin ring side and heard the bone crunch when he put the weight on it. It was scary sick!

It is just amazing that with all the K1 and UFC and PRIDE fighting that I have ever watched, I have never seen any of these happen on these big shows. The worst that UFC had was Frank Mir breaking Sylvia's arm and Pride had Mark Coleman dislocating Shoguns elbow. But I have seen footage of breakage like that on a few small shows.