NFL's Wiggins talks MMA debut, Morton, Lesnar, AKA

Here's a great new interview with the NFL's Jermaine Wiggins, a superbowl-winning athlete looking to make the jump to MMA.

I was very impressed with Wiggins' attitude and respect for MMA. It's obvious that he's a real fan and sounds like he's definitely taking the sport seriously and approaching it like a real professional.

Wiggins talks about making his debut, Johnnie Morton's terrible KO loss in K-1, Brock Lesnar as a fighter and being on the Vikings teah when Brock tried out, American Kickboxing Academy and a lot of other stuff.

Wiggins could definitely be the first football player choosing MMA over the NFL and doing well in the process. Check it out!

Can someone summarize as I can't listen to it from where I am :)

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Jermaine is a great athlete and has verey good striking ability his greatest attribute is his willingness to learn

for later.

I met Jermaine thru Tim Stout out of the greater Atlanta area. As most of you know I manage MMA athletes and Tim and I have worked together recently.

He asked me if I would be interested in working with Jermaine and I said yes.

Jermaine and I spent a week out here last month and we trained at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose (AKA), spent time working out at BoxRcise in Pleasanton and here at my house. We spent hours sharing thoughts about where we would to take this thing.

My brothers at AKA were very helpful. Jermaine had nothing left in the tank after we left there.

Thanks for bringing this up. We have spent alot of time negotiating with various promotions and continue to do so as we prepare to make his pro debut in 2009.

Here's the Fox Sports interview that went up last month.


Good interview.

Tough guy from Boston who is athletic enough to play in the NFL...I can see him doing well in MMA if he put the time in.


Thanks for the feedback everyone and the info, Tommy!

Sounds like Wiggins is taking the necessary steps to make sure he isn't known for throwing a weird double punch and getting KTFO inside of 1 minute. Looking forward to seeing him in the ring or cage.

BTW, Wiggins said that Lesnar was definitely athletic enough to make it in the NFL but that he couldn't quite make up the skill deficit left by not playing the game long enough.

 Jermaine is a very humble guy.  I helped him with some of his striking.  He definitely is taking his time and trying to be smart about his move.

He has a very strong hook and I look forward to watching him fight in '09.

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Did you listen to every show for the Hughes news? I'm not sure what you're referring to exactly, but it's possible you just missed it. Sherdog reported that Hughes was retiring and nothing came of it recently so maybe it was that.

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wiggy baby to mma??.....awesome!!!!

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I don't have time to read 47 pages of Sherdog thread, sorry. Maybe the Matt Hughes story is something people already know about but feel they can't or shouldn't discuss in public? Either that or maybe it was the rumor he was retiring they had on Sherdog, who knows?

I'm not sure about that other link you it a tribute site you're working on for the show? Thanks!

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