Ngannou shouldn't be in P4P rankings

Francis lacks the ground skills to be considered on the pfp best list, let’s be honest about this. Yes, he stuffed Stipe’s takedown and made him pay. How is Francis’ submission game? Takedown game? How is he off his back with another 265 pounder on him? If we had open weight divisions, would there be a 400 pound guy who could KO him more often than not? Francis is the man but these conversations are complicated and without good answers.

Kinda like those guys with fast hands. I get it. Or those guys with big gas tanks. Take that shit away and they ain’t in the UFC

There should be no p4p rankings. It’s all just fantasy talk. I have no idea if a 205lb Demetrious Johnson could have beaten Jon Jones, and neither does anybody else.

Tyson Fury says what he thinks of p4p here.

lol - classic Fury!

Who GAF about P4P? Everyone knows all that matters is the BMF title any damn way. :roll_eyes:

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I agree. But I’m sure his next fight he will be marketed as such…

It’s an even playing field at HW. He’s smashing people like other fighters have not. He’s a special talent.

DC yes, Stipe just won fights with his chin. To have that guy on a p4p list was even more ridiculous.

Yeah he’d be way better at cheap shotting bigger targets.

Seems people don’t realise that if Peter Yan had Ngannou’s body, he would no longer move like Peter Yan and vice-versa.

Throw in the fact that smaller guys are constantly against better-skilled competition due to talent pool and body-size issue just mentioned and the talent skews towards the lighter weights, unless your name’s Son Goku.

It’s all hypothetical so who knows, but sure enough Ngannou would eat young Peter as a midnight protein snack

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I took p4p to mean skill if all were the same. I don’t consider fighters that cut 25 lbs to fight in a lower division p4p best as much as fighters who fight up a weight class. Think Sakuraba or Hendo fighting up weight Vs Tito cutting 25 lbs to be in LHW division. I’m n HW I’d consider a small HW who dominates huge super HW maybe p4p. Mike Tyson in his prime was only like 210 lbs KO’ing 260 lbs beasts.