Ngannou snubbed Gane at UFC 268 to avoid giving fake news opportunities to his coach

Ciryl Gane and that coach live rent free in Francis’ head and personally I cannot wait to see him
KO Francis and send him packing to boxing where he’ll fail miserably

Why the Francis hate? Thought you loved the physical attributes of MMA fighters first and skills second lol

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Lol ever since he became champ he’s done nothing but complain. He wants more money. He wants toe able to box too but mad cause his contract obviously won’t let him…. Like dude stfu and fight

I’d love to see him box, only wilder though, it’s a fun fight with 2 guys that have crazy KO power. It’s possible Francis “could” land that bomb as wilder is not the best boxer, he is just like Francis in that their power made them champs with minimal skill, but that said Wilder is still a much better boxer than Francis ever will be and I’d bet he lands his bombs first

Either way that’s the only fight in boxing I’d like to see Francis have, against Fury he would embarrass himself